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Today we'll be discussing the Because-I-Want-It Corollary. Has anyone else ever noticed that when you want something, it seems like everyone else suddenly has it? This perhaps has more of an impact on me because I subscribe to the Nothing-is-any-good-if-other-people-like-it school of thought. Though I doubt very much that if I decided tomorrow that I wanted to wear a lightning rod I would see other people doing it, it does often seem that when you want something, it becomes more visible. I suspect it's just because you've become more sensitized to the existence of the object of your own desire. For example, for the last couple years, I've really had my eye on a G35 Coupe, but the more I think I like it, the more I see other people driving it. This of course discourages me from wanting to own one based solely on its popularity. Well, that and the G35's 35K price tag. Anyway, much like when I was 13 and wanted a Diablo, I've more or less given up on owning a G35. Perhaps in 10 years, but by then it'll be some other car anyway. So I'm trying to set my sights more realistically with the expectation that I'll be getting a new car in the next year or two. So I've gotten hooked on Toyota's Matrix recently, but now I see them everywhere I look. I counted 9 on my way to work this morning, and it's not like that's a long commute... Corollary at work, or did the Matrix suddenly get very very popular? I don't have any evidence to support my claim of popularity (though in truth I haven't looked for any), but I'm going to just assume that the increased visibility is based solely on my own increased awareness.

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