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This article just irritates me. And not (just) because it's written by a filthy hippy. Hey, I'm all for a cleaner environment and less dependence on expensive oil. But when was the last time someone had to put water in a car battery? Also, I cannot beleive she expects advances in the internal combustion engine to keep pace with computers. They are two completely different technologies, bound by different laws of physics. That's like saying, "well, we put a man on the moon in 1969 with comptuers as big as a car. Today my cell phone is nearly as powerful as that same computer, why aren't I living on Mars?" Well, duh, idiot. There's a lot of other more complicated factors at work than how many transistors you can cram onto a silicon substrate. Same deal with electric/hybrid vehicles. Why don't you explain to me why I can't run my entire electric vehicle off a watch battery? Why hasn't battery technology evolved as fast as computers? Why do I need a ton of batteries to run my electric car? Also, car manufacturers would LOVE to have electicr cars replace gas ones becasue they require "no maintenance" and I'm sure are easier to assemble. Yes, more expensive, but just adjust the markup accordingly. Finally, don't you think the power companies are going to catch on and start charging more for off-peak when they realize the grid is going nuts because everyone is charging their cars? Oh, and one more thing, sure, you can't get rid of gasoline powered cars, she even says so herself, because you can't drive across country in an electric without stopping every couple hundred miles to recharge it. Stupid tree-huggers and their lack of foresight or reasoning. Electric vehicles are great, in their right place. But they are not a be-all-end-all solution Preachy McGee...

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