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Too little too late ACC... Oh how naive BC is to think that the problem has been fixed. No no my feathery friends, there will always be some loop hole which gets used to screw someone over. Recently it happens to have been GT, and yes, BC as well on the smurf-turf. But at least you were the newbie team last year, so you don't get to complain about getting screwed in the bowl selection until this season. Whereas we've only played one east coast bowl game in the last 5 years (as a result of UVA bowing out of and Clemson being disqualified from the Tangering Bowl), BC's had 2.5 (Detroit is closer to Boston than Nashville) and a trip to Hawaii. Trust me BC, things are not corrected and someone will get screwed again. This season, probably UNC - I predict a standout season followed by a trip to San Francisco. Oh well, at least they're trying, right?

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