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I'm beginning to sound like a broken record here, but what happened to July? Last I knew, I was mourning the passing of June, and here is is August already! I was super busy all month, so I'm sure that's where the time went, but still...
In other news, my mom and Rosie got home safely yesterday and looked happy to be home, but quite worn out. Ben and I went over for dinner last night to welcome them back. They both have cars now and Ben is working part time while he continues on his quest for full-time employment. Dave's party on Saturday was fun. I like having older friends because they always have to deal with things before you. Dave brought up something that happened in 1985, and I was like, I was 4 then, sucker. I mean he's only got 5 years on me, but 9 and 4 is a big difference. Emily did awesome at poker and came in second place, netting herself an extra $5. Otherwise things are fine. The heat is beginning to get really old, but that's summer for you. Working out again is going pretty well. If I can get past the first brick wall, usually I'm good for another 10 minutes. On Friday I ran for a solid 20 minutes which made me happy, and I wasn't even sore afterwards! I guess that's about all that's going on.

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