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What a vacation! The week before Christmas, I was in the office, but mentally I was already pretty much checked out by Wednesday. I got a lot of busy work done though, and that kind of stuff always needs to get done eventually anyway. I took off on Tuesday and Wednesday the following week to run some errands and take care of things at home before skipping town. It's nice to have a couple days to just be lazy and get up whenever, go to bed whenever, take a nap whenever, and just relax, but still be able to get stuff accomplished.
Thursday I was up at dawn's crack to get a cab to Dulles and make my way to the well-hidden Z gates. There's a Subway down there that serves up breakfast, and as unappetizing as it sounds, by 9 am, I was starving and wasn't likely to get anything to eat until at least 2 pm otherwise. My flights were uneventful, despite a last minute gate/plane change in Charlotte. After arriving in Savannah, my checked bag was nowhere to be seen on the conveyor. Turns out I got to Dulles so early that they went ahead and put my bag on an earlier flight, so it arrived 2 hours before I did and was waiting at the ticket counter. Would have been nice to be notified about that sort of thing, but whatever. I got my bag and Emily took me home and we met Murphy (her mom's new hamster) and then I zoned out for a while until Erin showed up and we had dinner.
Friday the plan had been to get up early and have lunch at the Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's restaurant), but we (mostly me) dawdled and when we arrived at 11:30, the 50 people waiting in line were cued up to wait until 3:30 to put their names down for dinner reservations and since lunch was already completely booked solid. *sigh* We weren't about to wait around for 4 hours just to come back later, especially since we already had dinner plans. That evening we changed islands to have a cookout with Emily's grandparents at their retirement cottage. The community and "cottages" are basically a golf course community without the golf course. The houses are huge and very there's little fountains and shrubberies all over the place. I hope when I'm old, I'll have enough stockpiled to be able to retire someplace that nice. Dinner and dessert were good and then I'm pretty sure we watched some football when we got home. I watched a lot of football over the break, but I'll spare everyone the details.
Saturday, we got up way early and actualyl got reservations for lunch at Paula's restaurant. To kill time beforehand, we walked around downtown and window-shopped until 11. Lunch was so good. Emily's fried chicken is better, but all the side dishes were to die for (and probably from), and the zesty cheesy meatloaf was super yummy. For dessert I had warm peach cobbler and emily had sweet potato gooey butter cake or something to that effect that just about incapacitated us for the rest of the afternoon. We watched some more football and just kind of hung out around the house.
Sunday was more doing nothing for most of the day. We played a bunch of games and watched some TV and movies and were generally pretty lazy. Hey, that's what vacation is for, right? Kenneth and Erin's New Year's plans (or lack thereof) fell through, so they opted into dinner at home at the last minute. Meanwhile, Emily and I had dinner reservations at the Sapphire Grill downtown (next door to Lady and Sons). The place is a little kooky one you get inside, but it's very cozy and intimate, and was a great place to have a quiet dinner. Our waiter was awesome and the food was incredible. I had a 14 or 16 oz NY Strip that was cooked (or, rather, not cooked) to perfection served with some sort of cheese potatos and fried sweet onions that tasted like cinnamon apples. Emily had chicken stuffed with a lot of really good sounding things. Our casear salads were excellent and included croutons with a delicious tapenade spread. The dessert menu was daunting and everything sounded so good, despite how full we felt. We settled on a chocolate torte that nearly killed us, if not for the strong coffee. Seriously, if you're ever in Savannah, and need a nice place for dinner, you should try to get to the Sapphire Grill. It's on the pricey side, but all the food was fabulous, and the portions were really sizeable, so you get a lot for for your money. Despite the threat of imminent rain, we decided to make our retreat from the downtown party scene and head out to the beach on Tybee. We watched fireworks goining off from 4+ places at once right around midnight and a few minutes afterwards basically had the entire beach to ourselves. Now seemed like as good a time as any, so I asked Emily to marry me, and she said yes! =) We toasted each other and our future with champagne as we welcomed 2007.
Monday morning we told Emily's parents and then hopped in the car for Jacksonville and the Gator Bowl. We had a fun time down there even though we missed the pre-game tailgate party and Tech lost to WVU. Still a good game though and gives me hope for next year. We ran into David and Lynda, so of course we had to tell them about getting engaged, but I made them pinky-swear not to tell anyone else until I had at least caled my own parents after the game! After the loss, we hit up a bar at the Landing for the first half of the Rose Bowl. By the time we finished out spinach queso, the line to get in was way out the door, so we surrendered out seats at the bar and headed home. After sitting in lame traffic (Emily drove) and making several phone calls, we got home in time for the Fiesta Bowl. Please tell me someone else (besides me) stayed up to watch the whole thing... Ridiculous. It's no secret how much I like Boise State, and now I think the whole country has seen why. It was like watching a fairy tale. Congratulations also to my boy Ian Johnson on his engagement.
We spent most of Tuesday in a stupor from the previous day. I read more of my book about the evolution of cosmological theories (apparently, Einstein was a bit of an ass. Who knew?) and made some more phone calls and sent some emails. We wanted to make sure that at least our families knew about our engagement before word spread too far on its own accord. Then we watched Wake put up a good fight but ultimately they were overmatched by Louisville. Emily's mom made some delicious chicken and salad and then it was off to bed before a long day of (Emily) driving.
We got home late Wednesday after an uneventful drive. The furry ones were excited to see us again, and we were glad to be home. It's nice to sleep in your own bed again, you know? Emily and I were entertained by LSU stomping all over Notre Dame. Then the reality of having to go back to work today set in and I had to go to bed. Boo for back to work. I did get caught up on all my emails and actually got a little work done today. And tomorrow is already Friday! Yay!

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