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Here's a few pictures from our trip down to Melbourne last weekend for Tim and Margaret's wedding. We had such a good time and the weather was so nice (once we got there). As usual, weather caused massive delays related to Hartsfield, and we arrived 4 hours later than scheduled, and our bags got thrown in a puddle at the airport. But we arrived, had fun with all Tim's friends doing go karts Saturday morning and lunch at Chili's and at the wedding and post=-wedding basketball party in Brian's suite. I have to say that it was pretty hard to get on the plane after walking on the beach under blue skies and 85 degree temperatures to come back to DC with 50 degree temps and blustery, wet weather. Blah. It was really nice to enjoy someone else's wedding and just be a spectator. So much less pressure! The first 10 days or so of married life have been great too, and it's been fun to see a couple other friends who are at exactly the same point in their lives go through the same things. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Is it James Bond or Matt Scafidi?

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