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Friday morning at 8:55, I got a phone call from BOA that they needed some other piece of information. Cause, you know, filling out a form and getting a third party's signature in two hours is no problem... But we got it done and submitted with about 5 seconds to spare before our scheduled 11 am closing. But because of the delay, we had to push closing until 3. Not a huge deal in the end, but certainly very stressful and completely unnecessary. Why they only realized they needed this extra form 2 hours before closing is beyond me.
So now we're in full-on homeowner mode. We've already been to Home Depot for some supplies and we spent last night painting. More of that tonight and then we're packing like crazy until the movers come on Saturday morning. I think we're put together a decent plan for the week to make sure everything gets done, the real trick will be sticking to the plan!

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